Monday, November 19

Renault Pulse Car Photos Wallpaper and Pictures

                 The Car Renault aims to reach the largest segment of buyers in India with Pulse.The Renault Puls car set a new trend of badge engineering in India or will it be just another hatch to populate the segment.
     The Renault Pulse comes in following 7 versions with 2 engine and 1 transmission with the interior in offered also different colour options. It is borrows several design cues & parts from the small car.The different in terms of panels of bodys and interiors. Rebadged cars are almost matching to each other in every aspect. It’s the way of saving money and time for those auto giants which have multiple brands. It’s always costly and time consuming to develop a whole new car.

renault Pulse car images

renault Pulse car rear view

Renault  car wallpaper

picture of renault Pulse car

renault Pulse car pictures

 images of  renault Pulse car

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