Friday, November 23

The Renault Koleos Car

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The Renault Koleos is a finest SUV presented by the French car maker.It is the best looking sports utility vehicle & 6 speed automatic gearbox engine. Renault Koleos is available in diesel only which will have displacement of 2.0 litre which generates maximum power of 150 bhp.Thw Renault Koleos is  very competitive in comparison to other SUVs in this segment.
            Renault Koleos is a real multi-tasker with its compact exterior dimensions and sporty designed.Well compensated by the good handling characteristics of the Koleos.and more feature like Bose music system, 4x4 intelligent drive, Leather upholstery, Rear sun blinds, Cruise control, Dual zone automatic climate control, Beige all-leather upholstery.It is realy very nice looking Sedan car.
renault  Koleos car

renault Koleos car image

Koleos car image

wallpaper of renault Koleos car

renault car Koleos

picture of Koleos car

photos of Koleos car

car photo of renault car Koleos

Koleos car

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Thursday, November 22

The Nissan Evalia Car Photos Pictures Images Wallpaper

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The Nissan motors  newly launched Evalia van.The Evalia  van  is more than MPV that drives like a sedan and is loaded with features that improve both form multy features and function. Nissan has finally make out the willingly awaited multipurpose vehicle van.

The  Nissan motor is utilized  & well designed van.structer. The  Evalia is  multi utility vehicle from the stables of  Nissan featured on the top pages of the auto field for fairly a while. Nissan Evalia has come out in four guises, all oil burners (diesel) which are christened as Nissan Evalia XE, Nissan Evalia, Nissan Evalia XL and Nissan Evalia XV. This MPV from the stables of Nissan codenamed NV200 is powered by Renault’s 1.5L K9K dCi engine, which is good to yield 83.8bhp of peak power along with 200Nm torque. The 1461cc engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission gearbox to yield 19.33kmpl mileage which is also the USP of the car.The  Evalia makes for an really resourceful, practical vehicle.














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The Tata Safari Storme Car

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                 The Tata motors  recently incarnated  Safari Storme has as a final point been rolled out at an attractive though expected combining luxury and reassure with raw power and supreme off-roading performance, which this Real SUV car category.The  Safari Storme is move towards in following 4 versions with1engine and 1 transmission options.
               The Tata motors is the first and most inspirational  SUVs in the country has just undergone a major renovate.well modified the cabin now exudes a appreciably more upmarket application and even features full leather seats and power windows all around.The Safari Storme is  inbuilt Variable Turbine Technology engine  & also advanced features like big  headlights with projector beams, a new grille, longer and lower margin space, wider running board and new design alloy wheels, and more other features in this car. Tata Safari Storme is  the next generation  SUV cars.

the tata safari Storme

safari Storme engine

steering view of safari Storme car

extra large space seat of safari storme

safari storme car exclusiv image

tata safari storme car wheel

safari storme rear view 

the  storme tata car












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