Friday, November 9

Jaguar XJ Car Pictures

           The new Jaguar XJ is a combination of streamlined beauty, luxury and sheer exhilarating power: it is passion in motion.Inspired design and engineering come to life in XJ magnificent good looks,coupled with convincing driving performance.The Jaguar XJ’s cabin is a space both contemporary and luxurious, created to appeal to the senses.Comfort and quality reign supreme with form hugging supple leather and real wood veneers. For more cutting-edge styling, Aluminium or Carbon Fibre veneers are also available.The Jaguar XJ offers a choice of extraordinary engines that are built to satisfy different driving requirements and ensure outstanding performance and handling.
           The new Jaguar XJ comes loaded with a 5.0L supercharged AJ 8-cylinder V GEN III petrol engine with four-valve technology which belts out 385 PS of peak power at 6,500 rpm and churns 515 Nm at 3500 rpm.The Jaguar xj sedan car is a true definition of luxury on wheels.The innovative design with lavish interiors and a powerful engine are the major key points of Jaguar XJ Ultimate.

jaguar XJ car front view

the jaguar car xj site view

the jaguar xj car wallpaper

xj jaguar car image

the wallpaper of xj jaguar car

jaguar car In white

interier of xj jaguar car

jaguar xj car picture

photo of xj jaguar Car

image of   xj jaguar car

jagur xj car reviews

jaguar xj car rear photo

the jaguar xj car

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